GeoCore: Kansas Drilling Firm.  Environmental, Geotechnical, Exploratory, and Water Supply Drilling.

Environmental Drilling

Licensed in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Iowa  


GeoCore Inc. has been a leader in environmental drilling for over 15 years.  

GeoCores environmental clients include major petroleum, chemical, agricultural and manufacturing firms, as well as independent business owners.  We also provide services to public utilities, landfills, federal, state, and local governmental agencies, the Department of Defense and the US Corp of Engineers.  We pride ourselves in the diverse technologies and broad experience our dedicated professionals bring to each project.  

Typical services include the following:

Soil Boring & Sampling
Environmental Site Assessments, Phase I and II
Monitoring Wells
Vapor Extraction Well
Air Sparge Well
Well Development & Sampling 
Remediation Services
Well Abandonment
Well Rehabilitation 
Direct push sampling



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